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2018.01.10 - The Gematria Effect LIVE - gematriaforum - 01-10-2018

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with Zachary K. Hubbard

AIRED: 01.10.2018

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In tonight’s episode we begin by breaking down the predictive programming in cartoons, that has come to pass, and will come to pass again. In focus is the Simpson’s 2028 prediction of Ivanka Trump winning the Presidency, and The Boondocks predicting Oprah’s Oval Office win in 2020. With Gematria knowledge in store, there’s a lot more to these riddles than you know. Also, for the entire show, we take your calls, breaking down other propaganda in the headlines, rigged sports, Hollywood theatrical releases, and much more. One caller has us wondering, is there a big quake on the horizon? Listen, and listen long.

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Can reality be predicted by understanding the underlying mathematical make-up of reality? Zachary K. Hubbard breaks down this week's current events, predicts the outcomes of (rigged) sporting events, and exposes the on-going web of lies and distractions with careful calculation. Are you ready for "The Gematria Effect!"??

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